Skeumorphism/Fruitger Aero, What are They and why Have both Disappeared?

  • How are the two connected?
  • Why are they nowhere to be seen nowadays?
  • Conclusions
  • Fruitger Aero Examples

  • Fruitger Aero and Skeumorphism: How are they related?

    Fruitger Aero is a tech based aesthetic which originated from realistic graphic design present in digital and (occasionally) analog products from the 2003-2013, the former has subtle hints of neo-retrofuturism in the form of glossy icons, soft gradients, and hints of a enviromental ideology and utopian take on the world as it often seen being paired up with grassy plains, bodies of water and the occasional skyscraper, examples can be seen above. On the other hand, skeumorphism is a UI aesthetic implemented around the same time as frutiger aero, it utilises real objects as icons accompanied by prerendered lighting.

  • Windows Vista/Aero
  • Wii U
  • IOS 1-6
  • Ipod Classic/Nano/Touch(Pre-IOS7)

  • Why have Fruitger Aero and Skeumorphism Disappeared?

    Nowadays, fruitger aero and almost all it's subcategories have completely died out in favour of minimalist graphic design, this is because of a wide variety of factors yet some of the greater ones include:

    • Albeit a false statement to some, minimalism has gained a reputation to be seen as more professional than skeumorphism because of its cleaner and more cohesive design, companies now also utilise the ui style, further fueling the issue.
    • Minimalism also allows for devlopers to print out websites at very fast speeds, as with minimalism there is no need to add gradients and a welcoming atmosphere, this, albeit a increase in quantity, greatly sacrifices quality.

    As of now, neumorphism is still on its way on becoming mainstream, it shares many similarities with frutiger aero, such as the rounded corners, transparent elements and depth yet tends to stick to a more cohesive color palette and simpler layouts.

    Whats Next?

    At the end of the day, skeumorphism and frutiger aero have been swapped out for more corporate and simplistic options, yet, history has been shown to repeat itself, especially with the introduction of neoumorphism. As for frutiger aero, it is unclear whether or not it will ever return, yet it has managed to find its forever home in certain types of products, such as cleaning products. Thanks for reading and have a good day :)

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